Flexible offices for growing business and ideas

Paupio Darboteka is a unique business centre, offering efficient working spaces for developing businesses.
One of the main advantages of Paupio Darboteka is the possibility to achieve your business goals without significant commitments. Businesses based at Paupio Darboteka have the flexibility to change the size of their working space or the length of their rental contract.

You can choose the size of your office according to the number of employees:
Flexible attitude

Paupio Darboteka is designed to accommodate constant changes in the market. To ensure assurance with your future and to optimize your budget, you only have to rent as much office space as your team really requires. If you need to change the size of the space, our flexible arrangements will allow you to adapt to your new circumstances.

Motivating environment

Fully fitted out common spaces will ensure that you have comfortable and enjoyable surroundings in your office life. When you want a break you can go out into the fresh air and enjoy the panorama of Vilnius, chat with colleagues or have a coffee in one of the shared kitchenettes of Paupio Darboteka.

Paupio Darboteka is located in the heart of Vilnius – in the Old Town next to the River Vilnelė. You can lunch at the nearby Paupys Market. Nearby attractions also include Pasaka Cinema, a bank, a post office and other services. Parking is also available. The airport is just 15 minutes away by car. Restaurants, galleries, boutiques or architectural heritage of the Old Town are all easily accessible on foot.